The hours I spend with you I look upon as sort of a perfumed garden, a dim twilight, and a fountain singing to it. You and you alone make me feel that I am alive. Other men it is said have seen angels, but I have seen thee and thou art enough.
~George Moore

A bell is no bell 'til you ring it,A song is no song 'til you sing it,And love in your heartWasn’t put there to stay -Love isn’t love'Til you give it away.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

name for my futures babies :DD

hey readers..
(bajet banyak je yang nak baca)
how's your life today?
boring or fun?
haha ape I merepek merapu segala mak nenek nieyh
hehe, almaklumlah
plus minus 48 hours to go
before the result reveal
ok, actually bukan nie pown yang I nak share
ngan u ollz

as my today's blog title
I would like to share with you
some suggested name for your babies
lantakla I xkawen lagi
we need to plan from now kan..hehe
here you go people

name for boy:
1. Azad Qaid
(pemimpin yang bebas dan merdeka)
2.Iskandar Danial
(gabungan nama seorang raja dan juga nabi)
3.Rayyan Naufal
(penjaga syurga dan juga dermawan)
4.Ziyad Danish
(kelebihan dan kepandaian)
5.Niyaz Rafiqi
(doa, harapan dan pendampingku)
6.Adam Luqman
(nama nabi dan seorang yang bnijaksana)
7.Qayyum Aniq
(kekal dan kacak)
9.Niyaz Rauf
(harapan dan pemurah)
10.Zayyad Dhamiri
(semakin bertambah dan jiwaku)

name for girls
1.Hanis Sofia
(berani dan kawan yang tulus ikhlas)
2.Dawani Qistina
(nisbah dan keadilan)
3.Damia Aina
(kebijaksanaan dan mata yang cantik)
4.Liyana Irdina
(kelembutan dan kehormatan kami)
5. Dania Kamilia
(bunga yang hampir)

ok, utk girls I xdpt carik banyak
sbb internet dah slow ..
tapi tu sume nama2 yang I macam suke giler..
nanty kalau I dapat lagi
nama baru,
i'll update ok

Saturday, October 30, 2010




a DreaM that imPossibLe to c0me truE

I do know this is post number what la kan
coz I'm so fucking boring
like hell
do know what to do
do know where to go
you know
I can't even sleep
coz sleep also boring
well, that's not actually
what I want to share with you guys

nie baru cik kiah nak bercerita
peeps, u know, I never been to Langkawi
yeah, I know its a bit like
"wut da hell, org penang-kedah xpnh g langkawi"
but, its reality..
parents I xnk bawak
sediyh seyh..
every year diorg janji nak pegi
but, yeah janji melayu kan
macam tu je la
in my dream only
memang la boleyh g sendiri
but, can you understand
I want to go with family
like family vacation..
nie tak,
kalau x g PD
g penang
xpown melaka..
pastu ntah mane2 ntah kan
seriously peeps, bosan...
I know, if you read this pown
u'll feel the same kan..

iDamAN kALbU

well, I know its a bit macam kuno giler kan
but, I want this!!!
well, at least better than my previous mp3
yg dah kene rendam dgn sabun lux kaler pink tu..
walaupun harga dia dlm RM165,
tpi still I syg kowt duit nak beli bnde nieyh
I'm waiting for my parents utk belikan (I kedekut gle kan)
haha tapi, ion my dream je la
coz they want to see my result first..
xpe2, if I think I REALLY2 need this one
I'll do whatever I can
utk pujuk I punye parents belikan for me
(see, still don't want to use my own money)

ok, camera nie pown macam dah ramai je yang ade
so, macam dah kuno jgk kan to own bende nieyh
harga RM2000++
xbernafas makcik mendengar harga dia
function camera nieyh for me
adalah utk OF COZ la ambik gamba kan
but, I want to express my feeling
by using this camera *cewah*

I bukannye xnak keje,
tapi sape yang nak anta I g keje
lagipown kalau I keja pown
nanty duit gaji tu kompem2 la
I sayang giler nak gune
almaklumlah, susah nak dapat
so, still duit tu tersimpan rapi
seperti duit elaun yang masih agak banyak
(ni semua alasan ye)


Friday, October 29, 2010

LaSt NiGhT

Last night, I had a dream
For me, it was a sweet dream
My dream was that
I had been told by my bestfriend
that you LIKE me
and the most suprisingly was
you told her that you LOVE me..
Ouh how I wish it was true
But I know, it will never happen
coz your heart is not for me
your love is for someone else
I know it..
and I know it is just a dream

Sunday, October 17, 2010

pEopLe, I LovE yOu (2nd edition)

A: even though we've known each other since we were in part 1 pre Law, but we started to be closed only in part know all my secret, know myself well, know what I want in my life, and you just know everything about me..we cry and laugh together, face the hard time together, mad at the same people together and get crazy together..

B: you are adorable, funny and happy-go-lucky.. I admired your gila2 behavior even sometimes yours bring the big impact on us and make me annoyed..However, If I sad, you'll do something so that I can laugh again..I love you babe..

C: For almost one and the half year I'm at Kedah, finally, in semester 3, I've known you.. At first, I thought you are so damn garang and arrogant... But, when I know you, your characteristics are so different.. you are so nice, funny and you understand me.. I can share every single thing with you even though we are from different gender..I'm so bless to have a friend like you...

D: You're kind and also adorable. I know you always have a dream that one day you'll be 'orang kaya' and you'll help us, your friends..I really hope that it will become a true..

E: even though you're not with us anymore, but you still in our heart. No matter how far we are
separated, but friendship will never die.

F: I know you're younger but you have a very matured idea and very understanding. I really lucky to know you.

pEopLe, I loVE You (1st edition)

A: you made my world become more colourful.. You change my life from a dumb social girl to a muslim girl..You teach me how to wear hijab, eventhough sometimes, your words hurted me..
But, I love the way you make me realised about how important hijab is..besides, I love you because you always follow my way, always brought me to anyway that I want wif your motor kapchai...We've know each other since were were in Form 4..yah, its quite new, but I feel like I've known you since we were small.. I love you babe....

B: Hey tallie..eventhough your are taller than me only by 2cm, but I still feel that I'm taller than you..wee..hahah joking.well, I love to fight with you and sometimes I feel satisfied when you do not how to rebut my point eventhough it was nonesence..babe, I love you too..

C: hey you, eventhough we are not so close, but I love your gediksness..I really miss your behavior..well, now we are separated for the sake of our are not in MAlaysia anymore..I do not know, when we'll meet again..yeah, I just want you to realise that I just love you for your imperfection..

D: babe, you always be my driver because I'm prohibited to drive alone until next year..You just nice and most of the time, I feel seriously shy to go to your house and hang out with you..not because I'm changed, but you are too nice to me and I'm afraid that I will take the aadvantage from you..well I love you too syg...

E: hey innocent girl :D even you are innocent but you really pretty syg..and I love your cool way..LAntakaorg nak buat apa, but you still be be honest, sometimes 'i feel envy because you have a lot of friends from diff genders.. I asked myself, why they do not want to befriend with me but vice versa when it come to you..but, I realised this is because you just be yourself..and I love the way you act..I love you

F: rabbit syg..yeah, I love to bully you and you just accept whatever I did to you..that is why I love you..haha no, I love you for many reason; you are really genius, you are kind, you are my driver too..hehehnothing much to say because you are just perfect....

people, you'll know who you are and whixh alphabet represent you...thank you for completing my life :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

for gurls only

The worst feeling in this world is when you have
been used and lied to

well, I do agree with this quotation. Sometimes, we really believe and love that person, unfortunately that bitch only make use of us to grant another advantage..and they actually don't even care about our feelings..I called them as BITCHY COWARD

Broken heart again. another lesson learned.
Better know your friend or
you'll get burned

Basically, I have experienced those kind of situation. But, like I care la kan.. Common dude, get a new need to have something like "mourning" thing and it will actually give the bad impact on you and not that person...membazir je nak nangis2..chill babe

you hurt me more than I deserve,
how can you be so cruel?
I love you more that you deserve
and why I'm so fool?

Gurls, I know it always happen to us, rite? Well, I know even though I'm not officially experienced this. My only advice to you princess is that NEVER give your full heart to man..Keep half of it for you..and please gurls, don't you ever really trust a man. I'm afraid that you will hurt more..ok, gurls..chill :D

There's only one reason WHY
a man dumps you;
"he doesn't want you."

Its kinda cruel, rite? well, but its a reality..So, please AGAIN don't you really trust man..
They maybe make fool of us in front of their friends and that thing will lower down our dignity and also self confidence..This type of BITCH will one day get the 'reward' for their WOW attitude and behavior to us...

Girls, u know we are awesome and Islam put us at the HIGHEST place. So, please girls don't make yourself become so fool and remember, we have the power that men do not have..
"tangan yang menghayun buaian boleh menggoncang dunia." Only we can do that..

Aku bukannya selemah yang kau sangka
Aku tak rela diseksa, haa!
Beranikah lagi bersemuka
Rasakan kuasa, tamparan wanita

Yes, you go girls!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


today is 10.10.10
hooraaay, here
finally the date has come...
my sister, which is Dr. HALINA YUNOS
has married to our astronaut hero
seriously it was amazing wedding ever
and I wish they can live happily ever after..
don't forget people to watch
their wedding reception live
at TV3 today
at 9pm...

perasan je lebiyh jadi adik Halina :DD


I don't have any idea why
a lot of pimples grow
onto my face..
infinity number pulak tu..
I think I need extra special face treatment
for my dearly cutie face la..

Thursday, October 7, 2010

special post

kali nie, I nak post pasal pengalaman I sepanjang 3semester at UiTM Merbok
since 23rd May 2009 till 30 Sept 2010..
It almost 1 and the half year huh..
that's a lot of sweet and sour memory within that period of time..
when I was in Part 1, I was in PL1K..
in that class, I met a lot of awesome people
they taught me not to be so ashamed in front of class,
they taught the meaning of friendship without looking the family ground and also gender..
they taught me how to work as a team and not to be so selfish..
they taught me to be brave enough to reveal the truth..
then, When I was in part 2, still in the same class, the diff was just the number
pl1K became pL2K..
new people entered our class, and our relationship became stronger and stronger
we supported each other and there was no boundaries between us..
we went to picnic at Tupah, and that was awesome..
our love became stronger..
we were just like siblings...
then, we were in Part 3, we were not in the same class anymore...
we were separated with each other but, that does not mean our relationship became loose..
Jiha, mila, piah and me went to PL3G..
that class was also awesome..
In this class, we learned more deeply about love and also friendship..
we cried and laughed together..
we scared about our mark together..
we became crazy together..
all we did was together..
and It is hard to leave you guys...
all I want you to know is that I love you guys...

so, here, I'm Amira azhar
would like to apologize
for any mistake that I've done
whether in my realization or not..
because I'm normal person who always do mistakes
over and over again..
I just hoping that our friendship last forever...I love you guys a lot..

Monday, October 4, 2010

tribute to Fathi Izzati Izham @ Foty @ Ijam

Dear sis,
we've known each other since we were in Form 2
we were in the same class which was 2Proaktif
at that time, we were not so close..
But I really admired u because u were so superb in maths
well, u are always superb in maths, rite..hehehe
masuk Form 3, still we were in the same class
but still we were not so close..
x bercakap sangat pown dalam kelas, kan..haha
pastu, kita PMR dh..
then, Alhamdulillah we got best result
and we were still in the same class..
wktu Form 4 nie yang kite baru rapat kan..
did u remember wktu kite sume overnite kat rumah fatea
sbb nk wat egg tarts n muffins coz nk jual dkt hari kantin tu..
best kan wktu tu?
haha pastu I gave each one of u princess pen
hopefully, u simpan lagi pen tu..heheh
pastu, kte selalu lepak umah fatea sbb mkn domino's la, mcd la, mcm2 la..
pastu buat gile kat umah dye kan..haha
then, when we were in Form 5,
kite dah x sama kelas..
u kelas depan, I kelas belakang..
sediyh gile waktu tu..
tapi, kte still rapat, g tuisyen sesame
still lepak lagi sesame..
study sesame...
then SPM..
lepas tu dpt result..
u were the first person yg tau result I..
ingt yang I nanges2 kat u tu..
haha sediyh giler kan wktu tu..
pastu u, aten, fatea, ngau, adeq sume apply utk g overseas
I mcm sediyh gle sbb xdpt apply..
tapi redha je la kn..
hehe, pastu u,ngau ngan adeq dpt..
so sumenye hepi wktu tu..

pejam celik pejam celik , its time to let u go
utk study..
mmg sediyh, sbb xtau lagi bile nak jumpe..
5 tahun u dkt sane..

foty, jaga diri baik2 ye..
remember we akways love u from our bottom of heart..
balik nanty bagitau ok


saya bosan di rumah
kerja saya hari2 adalah on9 semata2
saya mahu cari kerja
tapi saya sangat demand
sehinggakan xada sapa yg nak ambik saya keja
sangat sedih..
aim saya adalah utk mendapat duit
dan juga utk kurus..
oh, tolonglah saya...

Saturday, October 2, 2010


i dh dkt rumah selama baru 2 hari..tapi bosan nye hanya Allah je yang tau..
hari2 bangun tido je on9,
boleyh rosak bijik mata nieyh..
rindu kowt nak lepak dengan kwn2 kat UiTM
even, dulu wktu memula dpt masuk sana menyumpah macam ape je..
tapi lama2 rasa mcm tmpt tu best sgt..
huhu, nak carik keje, tapi xtau nak keje ape
mak suruh keje, ayah suruh duduk rumah je
tapi, i nak keje sbb kalau duduk rumah je xde pape faedah
and boleyh GEMOK u know..
yelah, asyik makan,duduk, tido..
nothing to do...
cpt2 lA dpt keje, so that boleyh menenangkan fikiran jugak..
dun ask me why ok..
i just need to release my tense away...

Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm not strong

I thought I can forget
every single thing about him
when I start to hate him
but, I can't
I'm not strong enough
to forget him
I feel so envy when I see him
with another girl
I try my best
but seriously I can't
oh Lord
If he meant to me
then, show it MY LORD
but, if not
please, help me
to eliminate this feeling
it make me suffocate
and make me dying..